WordPress Development

WordPress is the most sought after and used Open Source Content Management System on the Internet. At around 43% market share of all sites there’s a reason why it’s so heavily used. The WordPress ecosystem has evolved massively in the years it’s been active and we’ve been working with the platform for the past decade and evolved with that growth. Always adhering to coding best practices and leveraging the best tools to extend the core functionality of the platform to turn it into a development powerhouse.

We only use the best tools this open source platform has to offer catering for small brochure websites to large scale eCommerce sites. We only work with WooCommerce for the eCommerce sites we develop for our clients, leveraging action hooks and filters to graceful upgrades to ensure template files don’t get outdated and require constant maintenance.

We can develop API integrations to hook into any 3rd party APIs that you need to use to communicate with your external systems and services. We have vast knowledge in these areas with with REST / GraphQL and older legacy APIs such as SOAP.

When using Open Source CMS’ such as WordPress security and system maintenance is vitally important to protect your website and your user data. We offer maintenance plans and SLA’s to cater for all scales of business and when required SLA’s to cover system extending on a monthly basis. We have SLA contract lengths to suit you from quarterly to annually. GDPR is adhered to as default when we develop a site for you.

If WordPress is a platform you’d like to leverage for your business then please feel free to get in touch via the details on the contact page to arrange a meeting to discuss your website needs.

Want to discuss a project with us? Please call us on 01208 220990

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