Shopify Development

We’ve been working on the Shopify Platform since 2019 and during that time it’s API has evolved considerably. We have extensive knowledge developing bespoke systems around the various APIs Shopify has to offer. We now work with their GraphQL API’s over REST but we’re able to continue to support clients who are still leveraging the Admin Rest API. We foresee the REST API’s being phased out hence why we’re focusing on GraphQL instead.

We follow Shopify best practices for API interaction and Theme Development. Using Shopify CLI for Online Store 2.0 Theme Development, using their Dawn theme as the boilerplate starter theme.

When developing bespoke systems which interact with Shopify’s API we offer SLA’s in order to roll out API version changes as they become stable. Following change logs and implementing code changes on our codebase to ensure we’re not using unsupported API versions which risk being deprecated. This is vitally important to ensure quality of product that continues to function as intended. We also review the all round system health ensuring core packages are maintained and log files closely monitored.

We use our own bespoke systems to connect your websites logging components so in the event there are system health issues we know about it before it becomes a problem and impacts on your systems functionality.

Want to discuss a project with us? Please call us on 01208 220990

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