Camel Valley

A bespoke eCommerce and booking system developed from the ground up for Camel Valley. Allowing customers to be able to book tours, purchase wines as well as some great content management system features.

Treasure Trails

A bespoke Trail Management system was created for the trail writers to add their Trails which fully integrates with Shopify. We also built a system to generate reports, discount codes, stockists and full collection and product sync which then creates the geospatial data to generate the maps plus much more! There’s even a new Trail Application which is in the process of being rolled out.

St Agnes Boating

Downloadable on both Android and Apple devices, the St. Agnes Boating app enables users to pre-book and pre-pay for all their boating needs – both scheduled services and “taxi” services – up to two months in advance (and soon to be year-round). The whole process is quick and easy to use, and is greener too, with no requirement for paper tickets and no more trawling of boating schedules, week by week or even day by day.

Cornwall Animal Hospital

Cornwall Animal Hospital needed a site to be able to onboard annual memberships and also to help drive donations. We used WooCommerce as the eCommerce engine and WooCommerce Subscriptions to handle memberships as well as a bespoke Donation System that gracefully integrates into WooCommerce. Along with other great features the website that was delivered is a highly converting and informative powerhouse.

Surfers Against Sewage

In all of the years we’ve been working with SAS we’ve developed many bespoke systems such as a donation system, petition system, and various automations and API integrations.

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